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LVCC and Strava

Are you a member of the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club (LVCC) and Strava? Then, consider joining the LVCC Strava Club ( If you’re not a member of Strava, consider joining Strava and the LVCC Strava club. The LVCC Strava club allows you to easily connect with other LVCC members on Strava.

What is Strava

First and foremost, Strava is an app you use to track and record your bike rides with a cycling computer or smart phone. Beyond that, you can analyze your activities using metrics such as distance and elevation and, if you have the right accessories, you can include power data, heart rate and cadence to name a few.

There’s also a strong community element to Strava by means of following friends and professional riders to see what they’re up to and rewarding their time on the bike with “kudos”. In many ways, it’s a social media platform for athletes.

One of Strava’s most notorious features is the segments. A Strava Segment is a section of a road or trail created by other Strava members so that everyone who rides that particular stretch can compare their times. If you become the fastest person on that segment, you become the King or Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM).

A more recent feature is the Local Legend trophy, which rewards those who complete a segment the most within a 90 day period. You may not be the fastest but you’re out there getting it done more than anyone else which is awesome.

You can download the app on Apple iOS or Google Android, and there’s also a web interface ( For a good overview of Strava and its benefits, see the following blog entry on Canyon’s website (

What is the LVCC Strava Club

The LVCC Strava Club is a place to connect with other LVCC members. It offers a Club Leaderboard which tracks various statistics on a weekly basis for LVCC Strava Club members. There is a Club Feed which shows recent activities for the LVCC Strava Club members. And, there are Club Posts which servers as a blog for discussions limited to LVCC Strava Club members.

The club leaderboard shows a ranked list of club members with sortable stats for the current and previous weeks. Leaderboards reset at 11:59 pm on Sunday. The last week's Leaders "podium" section rewards the club's top performers ranked by total distance.

LVCC Strava Club Leaderboard - 2/25/2024
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Our 2024 Flagship Events

 Eastern Shore Weekend

May 3-5, rides each day.  


Donut Derby

 Labor Day, September 2nd, 2024

Registration opens in May!

LVCC Apparel


The LVCC clothing store is currently closed.  It will re-open periodically.  Club members will be emailed when this happens.