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New Name, Renewed Purpose

This is an exciting time for the Lehigh Wheelmen Association! Not only do we have our much-loved Donut Derby coming up quickly, we also have an amazing announcement to share, as well! 

The Lehigh Wheelmen Association (aka the LWA) is officially changing its name to the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club (LVCC)!

Changing the name was a challenging decision because our club places such a high value on our history and purpose. But it’s also exciting because it helps us to renew our purpose, affirm our history and presence in the Lehigh Valley, and communicate to the community who we are and what we do.

The LWA was first established in 1951, and the term wheelmen refers to a time in history when there were mostly male riders on high-wheeled bicycles, like the penny farthing. Our bikes have changed greatly since then and so have the riders, as we have a well-balanced representation of genders in our club. 

Our new name reflects our purpose and will help the community find – and join – our ranks. 

  • As a cycling club, we are inclusive and welcome all cyclists, regardless of ability and experience. 
  • As a cycling club, we promote cycling safety on roads and trails. 
  • As a cycling club, we primarily ride in the Lehigh Valley but also take trips outside the area. 
  • As a cycling club, we focus on bicycling but also enjoy many social activities.

Another reason for the name change is that it will make us easier to find. While the name Lehigh Wheelmen Association is very clear to those of us already in the club, it can be a bit confusing to those outside of it who may not know what a wheelman is. By changing the name, we’ll be using more modern, conversational language to reflect that we are a cycling club who welcomes the community to join us in riding our bikes. 

Since changing the name requires a significant amount of work, the change will happen officially on January 1st. This change has been discussed for several years and was voted in unanimously! It’s great to see our club’s passion to renew our purpose, reach out to the community, and to keep on cycling. 

Keep your eye on this space for more information as our official name change gets closer! And if you’d like to know more about how the LWA got its start, you can read this excerpt from our club constitution: 

"The purposes of the Corporation are to promote general interest in cycling in all its phases; to encourage and facilitate all forms of recreational and racing cycling activities; to defend and protect the rights of cyclists; to secure a better understanding and recognition of the need for safer riding conditions; to encourage the allocations of facilities for cycling on public lands; to cooperate with public authorities in the observance of all traffic regulations; and to advocate the registration of bicycles in the interest of safety, proper regulation and recognition of the bicycle as a vehicle used for pleasure, health and economical transportation. " 

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 Labor Day, September 2nd, 2024

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