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Rouvy Rides and The LVCC Strava Club Leaderboard

If you upload your Rouvy rides directly to Strava, you may have noticed that some Rouvy rides don’t upload, and some Rouvy rides don’t count towards the LVCC Strava Club leaderboard. The following 3 causes could be the reason.

Reality Level – Rouvy’s “Reality Level” is a setting, which adjusts the level of the load, but it only works in “Just Ride” mode. The default is 100%, which is the real load. If you want a lower load, you can set it to less than 100%. If you set the “Reality Level” to 50%, your ride will be at ½ the load. If you ride with a “Reality Level” other than 100%, your ride will still be uploaded to Strava, but it won’t be included LVCC Strava Club leaderboard.

Time Trial – In Rouvy’s “Time Tral” mode, riders are competing against the clock to secure the fastest time. It works on the principal of trying to simulate a real race. You are prevented from pausing or moving your position during the ride. You have to ride the complete route until the end of the activity. If you fail to complete the route, your ride will not be uploaded to Strava, and it won’t be included LVCC Strava Club leaderboard.

Resumed Rides – In Rouvy, when riding in “Just Ride” mode, an unfinished route can be resumed when you return to it later. The resumed portion of the ride will not be included LVCC Strava Club leaderboard.

Privacy Controls – Strava’s “Privacy Controls” allow you to restrict access to your activity details everyone, followers, or just you. You have the option to set a default preference so that your activities that are automatically uploaded will use the default preference. And, the “Privacy Controls” for an individual activity can be changed. In order for an activity to appear on the LVCC Strava Club leaderboard, the “Privacy Controls” for the activity must be set to “Everyone”.

Strava Club Weekly Leaderboard - 3/17/2024
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