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LAST CHANCE TO DONATE, ENDING JANUARY 31. The kids at Community Bike Works have exceeded the $165 needed to buy a bike.  Let's not let them outdo us!

Here is the link for donating:

Lehigh Valley Cycling Club members and friends,

Giving and supporting others is a big part of the community of our cycling club, LVCC (formerly known as the LWA). We have such a privilege to be able to support our community as well as help others ride their bikes and we are grateful for each and every one of you that does so.  

In the past, LVCC has used some of the funds raised at the Donut Derby to donate bicycles to World Bicycle Relief. WBR is a non-profit organization that “empowers people and communities through life-changing bicycles.” They provide bikes that help people to get to school, get jobs, and provide for their families. (You can read more about this amazing organization at  

Recently, I contacted Kim Schaffer at Community Bike Works about having their kids support WBR.  In spite of their own financial challenges, these kids have embraced the cause!  They are using some of the money generated from the sale of scrap metal from unusable donated bikes to acquire enough money to donate a bike.  

Adonis Cannon, the Program Manager in Allentown, told me that they have already generated over $100, and are expecting to soon raise the necessary $165 purchase price for a bike to donate. How exciting that CBW and their kids are working hard to help others in spite of their own needs- this is incredibly inspiring!  

I want to challenge LVCC members to magnify their efforts by INDIVIDUALLY matching the Community Bikes Works contribution.  Several LVCC members have already expressed their willingness to donate money for a bike and we are hoping for more! At $165, the cost of a life-changing bicycle is just a small amount compared to what many of us spend on our own bikes.  Click on the following link to make a contribution.

I contacted WBR about the possibility of donating to a specific country and tracking the delivery of their bike/our bikes.  Hopefully more information will be available about this soon. 

Regardless, for many of us, cycling is a hobby that we love and enjoy on a regular basis. But for the people served by World Bicycle Relief, bicycles are a means of escape from poverty and hunger. Let’s follow the example of the kids at Community Bike Works and share our love of cycling – as well as hope – with others in need this season. And just a quick reminder – you can donate your spare or unused bikes to Community Bike Works ( to help their kids, too!  

Thank you for your hard work to make LVCC a success and for supporting Community Bike Works and World Bicycle Relief.   

Jack Helffrich & Amanda Whittington

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